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Customized Blotting Paper

4f products available.

Touches à sentir personnalisées

We are able to print your logo or text on our 4 different standard formats. the printing can be in black, 1 to 4 Pantone colors or four-color process. You can download directly on this website your files (see "Customization" below), and have fortnight delivery.

Specific papers use (untreated, not bleached, neutral pH and complied to FSC and PEFC standards) garantees to experience the full range your fragrance has to offer.

In order to assure a neutral olfactory, all our fragrance blotters are packed in polybags.

Special projects:

For all more special and ambitious projects (gilding, embossing, cutting out, wet & view polish or thermochromic...), our reasearch department is available to you.

To send your request, you can use the contact form on this website or call us on 00(33) 2 43 08 36 50.

Product information:

Printing: Black, 1/2/3/4 Pantone colors.

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